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Going to Appear for CGL 2018 Exam? Know How to score high in-General Awareness for SSC CGL 2018 

Take a step ahead from others by scoring high in General Studies, because this section can “make it or break it”. SSC CGL 2018 Notification has been announced and the Last date for Online Registration seems to be conducted in the month of April 2018. That means, record no. of candidates will make their appearance in the exam, thus giving more competition than ever and this post is all about scoring high marks in General Awareness section

Just like an apple in phones, Mercedes in cars same is the case with SSC-CGL, the popularity of the exam is so high that every year thousands of graduate go off-stream to appear in SSC-CGL to get a reputed and stable job. So it is very important for the aspirants to go out of the box and prove that they are worth the job.

Every aspirant has his strong point and a weak concern but there is only one section that acts as an ANTIDOTE for securing higher marks. The SSC-CGL exam is around the corner and you must pull up your socks because it is now or never. You cannot afford to waste your time. There are some other sections to which even making more efforts the overall output comes out to be suppressed on the other hand its vice versa with a section like Current Affairs/ General Knowledge.

Importance of General Studies in SSC CGL is a whopping 50 marks

You do not want to lose these marks right.

About the General Studies Section: General Studies section comprises of two main sections you need to look out for

Let us now discuss these two sections with all important tips to keep in mind before starting the preparation.

  1. General Studies: The topics you need to cover are
  • General Science: This is the gist of general knowledge section. It has a weightage of around 15-20 marks (approximately). It is mainly divided into three important sections. Each of the three section has 5-7 marks each.
  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3.  biology
  • Indian history: (you don’t need to waste your time preparing for foreign history because it has a weightage of 1-2 marks. If you have time then only you should cover foreign history.
  • Geography
  • Indian Polity
  • Indian Economics
  • General Awareness: This section is further divided into two subsections as Current Affairs & Computer Knowledge
  • Current Affairs: This is a section which will attract news readers and aspirants which stay up-to-date with what is happening in India and all around the world. The main topics you need to prepare for current affairs are- Whose who, books author, prize, entertainment, and other miscellaneous topics.
  • Computer Knowledge: This section does not have a high weightage in an exam but it surely is very important because you never know when SSC changes the pattern and gets you spellbound. Some of you might not get along with computer knowledge well but you need not worry because all you need to do is start from the very basic. The questions asked in this section are very basic and easy.

SSC GK Detailed Topic wise-

S. No

Section Wise Category

  • Topics


Science & Tech (Physics/Chemistry/Biology)


  •  Units & Dimension
  • Vectors
  • Projectile Motion
  • Newton Law of Motion
  • Circular Motion
  • Rigid Body Dynamics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Kinetic Theory of Gases
  • Waves & Oscillations
  • Lights
  • Optics
  • Sounds
  • Electromagnetic Induction
  • Electricity & Magnetism
  • Radioactivity


  • s- Block Elements
  • P-Block Elements
  • D-Block Elements
  • F-Block Elements
  • Surface Chemistry
  • Metals/ Non Metal & Metalloids
  • Physical State
  • Solutions
  • Electrochemistry
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Coordination Compound


  • Evolution
  • Human Health & Disease
  • Biotechnology
  • Diseases & its causes
  • Deficiency & its diseases etc


Static General Knowledge

  • International Organization & HQ
  • Thermal/ Hydro/Nuclear Power Plants
  • Bird centuries & Tiger Serves
  • National Highways & Important routes
  • Important Airports
  • Seaports & important place of their location
  • Resources & Mineral reserves in India
  • Important rivers & River banks
  • Important Dates  & Events
  • Important Personalities
  • ISRO Missiles & their payloads/types/origin location
  • NAVAL ships in Indian service
  • Space centers in India
  • Dames in India
  • Stadium in India
  • City Nike name
  • Summits & Govt. Policies
  • Sports & Related Trophies



  • Ancient History
  • Medieval history
  • Modern History
  • India after Independence
  • Event 1919
  • Rowlett  ACT
  • Different Civilization
  • World History
  • Events of  NATIONAL & International importance



  • Physical Geography
  • Human Geography
  • Resources Allocation
  • Geography of India
  • Geography of World
  • Natural Resources
  • Vegetation



  • Governance in India
  • Indian Constitution
  • Indian Parliament
  • Preambles & Articles of Indian Constitution
  • Roles of different govt. Servicemen
  • Indian President/Prime ministers/Governors etc
  • Amendments



  • Micro Economics
  • Macro Economics
  • Inflation
  • Monetary Policies
  • Govt. Policies
  • ECONOMIC SURVEY (Important)
  • Union Budget


Environment & Surrounding

  • Environment /Surrounding & Disaster Management



  • Miscellaneous Topics


Current Affairs

  • Topics on a daily basis  and of National/International Importance


International Relations (IR)

  • The Events of  INDIA & other countries

Proved Tricks to Score High Marks in General Awareness Section.


Kiran Chapterwise GK Previous Years Questions Since 1997. This book is a holy grail for the fresher as well as other aspirants because it has explained each and every topic very immensely. It has covered each every nook and corner of this section. So it is a must-have.

Lucent’s General Knowledge: If you cannot find Kiran publications book you can also go for this book because it also has covered all possible topics excluding Economics.

NCERT BOOKS: These books have a legacy about themselves. Get these books from where ever possible because without these books it won’t be possible for you to secure high marks. NCERT is very renowned because of its versatility and the type of language it has in the books published under it. If you want to secure high marks in General Studies of any exam help from NCERT books will never let you down

Here is the Complete List of Books for CGL Tier-1 Exam

2) Newspaper: A daily look at the newspaper can do wonders for you. It not only will update you but it will also improve your reading skills.

3) DD NEWS– for unadulterated news: There are a bunch of news channels which actually irritate us with all non-sense which they telecast each and every day. So you should follow Door Darshan news regularly.

4) News and Events: If you don’t want to read a newspaper on regular basis you can cover your current affair section from this magazine available in your nearest stationary shops.

5) Arihant Current Affairs Year Book: For a good look at the previous year’s current affairs that have a chance to appear in your exam can be studied from this book.

6) Previous Year’s Paper: When you are done with all the nick-nack you can gain more knowledge from previous year papers. By doing this you will be aware of the exact marking pattern and marks distribution of respective section.

7) Mock Test: Mock Tests are a boon for the modern time competitive exams. They give you the actual feel and tension of examination hall. In this way, you will be able to note your strong points and work on your weak points.

8) Positivity: You should surround yourself with positivity. Stay with the people who give you positive vibes, there are surely a bunch of people who will give you their useless advice and let down your morale.

9) STUDY IN SILENT PLACES: This section is different from other sections because you need to read it, again and again, to keep it in mind. So it would be great if you study in calm and quite places

These tips have been useful to many aspirants and we hope they help you too. So keep up the hard work because “Hard work is the only key to success” don’t worry about anything and try until you reach your goal. It may happen to boost up the basis of any subject may take fewer more time interval but once it builds up, it will certainly fetch the success through exams at a different level.

If you need any other help regarding SSC CGL we will guide you to attain success. For more help, you can leave your queries in the comment box below and register yourself with us by entering your email address and clicking register in the dialog box on the right-hand side. We are happy to help you.

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